Our Freezer vessels

We started fishing last July with our own freezer ship fleet, “Mar de Oro” and “Anita”. With the acquisition of these vessels, Cabo Virgenes fishing capacity increases due to the fact that these vessels carry out their activity offshore and it is not necessary for them to return to port for landing daily fish caught. [...]

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Cabo Vírgenes Argentina improvement Works

Argentina is the base of our vertical integration system because there, shrimp is caught on daily basis with our own coastal ships and directed to our reprocessing plant located within Rawson port, ensuring with this, an early arrival of the product to be reprocessed according to the strictest international quality standards. Nowadays, refurbishment and improvement [...]

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New Processing Plant in Palencia

The investment made by Cabo Virgenes in Spain for the new logistic center sited in Palencia, which has a production capacity of 4500Tn and 4.600 sqm surface, implies a push forward both for European and worldwide distribution, becoming the reference for the added value formats. Due to Cabo Virgenes means, not only in production but also [...]

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