Cabo Virgenes Seafood

In Cabo Vírgenes we catch, process y commercialise seafood.

Cabo Virgenes Seafood
Our plant in Palencia is under BRCGS and IFS certification following its food safety regulations.

Cabo Vírgenes has a wide range of products of the highest quality, from whole Argentine red shrimp and Argentine red shrimp tails to different value added formats processed in our facilities.

Our Company values

Quality control and safety food

Our products are subject to strict analysis and controls.

Our own fleet

That ensures direct control over the catch.

Cutting-edge technology

Our processing plants counts on modern equipments and machinery.

Guarantee and responsibility

We have export license for more than 30 countries over the world.

Cabo Vírgenes, from Patagonia to the world

Cabo Virgenes arises from the union of more than 40 years of experience in the seafood sector and a vertical integration system from Argentine red shrimp extraction and processing to the ulterior distribution and commercialization. This makes Cabo Vírgenes today one of the main companies within the sector in the world.

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