Whole Argentine Red Shrimp

(Wild catch)

Our core business is the Argentine Red Shrimp, which inhabits in the Southwest Atlantic Ocean, off the Patagonian Coast in the Argentina Sea, and which we commercialize in a wide range of formats and presentations. We have our own sea frozen fleet fishing, reprocessing and freezing the product on board while the vessel is offshore. That is the reason of the high quality and freshness of our products. We also own a reprocessing plant located within Rawson Port, where we reprocess and freeze the catching of our coastal ships, which work close to the shore. This guarantees the highest quality and freshness.

Argentine Red Shrimp Fishing Season:


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Species: Pleoticus Muelleri
Catch Area: FAO 41
Capture Method: Extractive fishing

Technical Sheet
Technical Sheet (seafrozen)

20×400 g
20×500 g
10×800 g
6×2 Kg
2×7 Kg

Classification (ppKg):
L1 > 10 – 20 ppKg
L2 > 20 – 30 ppKg
L3 > 30 – 40 ppKg
L4 > 40 – 60 ppKg
L5 > 60 – 80 ppKg