Quality of our products:

In Cabo Virgenes we are very committed to quality from the origin of our products, for which we ensure the safety, legality and conservation through all the food chain. From fishing to arrival to our customers. To achieve this we apply several measures among which we can highlight the following:

  • Our plants maintain an HACCP system, with implemented prerequisites, which allow us to have a high level of food safety.
  • We control every step of the process, and our demands of maximum quality begin already in the selection of the products that we fish and buy, but without neglecting the other stages until delivering to our customers.
  • Our products comply with the specific legislations applicable in the European Union as well as in all the countries to which we export, also demanding the same quality levels from our suppliers.
  • We are always in a process of continuous improvement, we are pioneers in the shrink wrapping of the inner case and the master box of the red shrimp, to ensure the optimal freshness of our product throughout its shelf life.

All this allows us to export currently to more than 30 countries, our brands are always a reference of the highest quality and efficiency.

Brands of Cabo Vírgenes.