High Quality Deep-frozen Shrimp Suppliers

Shrimp suppliers operating all over the word

Our broad experience in sea food fishing, processing and distribution makes Cabo Vírgenes today one of the main companies within the sector in the world.

No matter the destination. We keep the product in high quality standards up to there.

Shrimp suppliers

High quality and fresh products

Ensured by our own sea frozen fleet fishing, reprocessing and freezing the product on board while the vessel is offshore. We also own a reprocessing plant in Rawson Port, where we reprocess and freeze the catching of those of our inshore fishing ships.

Shrimp suppliers

Keeping the product safe and fresh.

As reference shrimp supplier we employ our best high-tech processing methods to pack the product safely keeping it more fresh. That provides an added value making of our deep-frozen sea food a top-range products.

Shrimp suppliers

Wide kinds of packaging or presentation.

In order to adapt our product to every single need we have a diversity of packages and sizes. All of them well prepared for keeping the sea food qualities and a good appearance.